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12. Cultural, social and gender issues in science and technology education
Thursday 24th August Poster Session III, 15:00 - 16:30
Chairperson: Henriette Holmegaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
P12.3.1.1 A theoretical framework for investigating students' negotiations of gendered science identities in the context of assessment activities in the physics classroom
Sofie Birch Jensen
King's College London, UK
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P12.3.1.2 The Cell EXPLORERS programme - piloting a STEM public engagement model in Ireland
Muriel Grenon*1, Sarah Carroll1, Claudia Fracchiolla1, Claire Concannon1,2
1National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland, 2Otago Museum, New Zealand
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P12.3.1.3 Motivation in science of Mexican indigenous students, related to gender and aspirations
Paulina Guerrero-Gutiérrez
King's College London, UK
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P12.3.1.4 Students' interest in engineering careers
Emily Cayton, M. Gail Jones*, Katherine Chesnutt, Megan Ennes, Pamela Huff
North Carolina State University, USA
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