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6. Nature of science: history, philosophy and sociology of science
Thursday 24th August Poster Session III, 15:00 - 16:30
Chairperson: John O'Reilly, University of Limerick, Ireland
P6.3.1.1 Debate on the nature of science in the context of scientific competence for citizenship
Francisco-José González-García, Enrique España-Ramos, Angel Blanco-López*, Antonio-Joaquin Franco-Mariscal
Universidad de Málaga, Spain
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P6.3.1.2 Reflections on the nature of science in undergraduate physics courses in Brazil: Brief portrayal of current configurations
Gabriela Ferreira*1,2, José Custódio2
1Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil, 2Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil
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P6.3.1.3 Students’ conceptions of the nature of technology: Development of an instrument
Katrin Vaino*1,2, Toomas Vaino2, Miia Rannikmäe2
1Umeå University, Sweden, 2University of Tartu, Estonia
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P6.3.1.4 The impact of scientific modeling instruction on understanding of high school students' NOS
Ji-Yeon Kwon*, Je-Yeon Gwak, Jong-Uk Kim, Yoon-Hee Ha, Seung-Urn Choe, Chan-Jong Kim
Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
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P6.3.1.5 The approach of experimental research in science education. Contributions from the interdisciplinary research
Irene Cambra Badii1,2, María Gabriela Lorenzo*1,2, Juan Jorge Michel Fariña1
1University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2CONICET, Argentina
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P6.3.1.6 Potentials and challenges of the field study in science teaching
Fausto Gomes*, Martha Marandino
Faculdade de Educação Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
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P6.3.1.7 Nature of science in experimental activities - the "existence" of electrical field lines and equipotential surfaces
Roberto Cruz-Hastenreiter1,2, José Sampaio Oliveira*1, Kaíza Cavalcanti1, Patricia Alves1, Raimundo Nonato Silveira1
1IFRJ, Brazil, 2UNIRIO, Brazil
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