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12. Cultural, social and gender issues in science and technology education
Wednesday 23rd August Poster Session II, 15:00 - 16:30
Chairperson: Robbert Smit, University of Teacher Education, St. Gallen, Switzerland
P12.2.1.1 A Phenomenology of social bonds in science learning
Alberto Bellocchi
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
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P12.2.1.2 Am I good enough? Digitally-skilled young people and computer science career aspirations
Billy Wong
University of Reading, UK
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P12.2.1.3 How can teachers support students with a second language to talk chemistry?
Dana Seifeddine Ehdwall*, Per-Olof Wickman
Dept. of Mathematics and Science Education, Stockholm University, Sweden
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P12.2.1.4 Secondary students' attitudes towards science based technology - An exploratory study
Robbert Smit*, Nicolas Robin, Christina De Toffol
University of Teacher Education, Switzerland
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P12.2.1.5 Primary and university academic experiences of career women physicists
Ghada Nehmeh1,2, Angela Kelly*1
1Stony Brook University, USA, 2Bronx High School of Science, USA
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P12.2.1.6 Why can't I fly? FAQ reveal common interests in science across gender
Hani Swirski*, Ayelet Baram-Tsabari
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
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P12.2.1.7 Use of folk tales in school science focusing on place-based education
Karen Onodera, Hiroki Fujii*
Graduate School of Education, Okayama University, Japan
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P12.2.1.8 Youth engineering with and for sustainable communities: Learning and agency across scales of activity
Kathleen Schenkel*1, Angela Calabrese Barton1, Edna Tan2
1Michigan State University, USA, 2University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
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