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4. Digital resources for science teaching and learning
Wednesday 23rd August Poster Session II, 15:00 - 16:30
Chairperson: Carla Morais, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
P4.2.1.1 Using WhatsApp to complement classroom physics instruction
Aviva Klieger*, Lihi Goldsmith
Beit Berl College, Israel
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P4.2.1.2 Using invariance to model practice, forgetting, and spacing effects: the constellations’ case
Martin Riopel
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
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P4.2.1.3 Activities with parents on the computer: science teachers’ views
João Paiva1, Carla Morais*1, Luciano Moreira2
1Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto, Portugal, 2Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
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P4.2.1.4 Learning physics by computer simulations: An eye-movement analysis of learners with different levels of expertise
Guo-Li Chiou*1, Chung-Yuan Hsu2, Min-Hsien Lee3, Meng-Jung Tsai1
1Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, 2Department of Child Care, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, 3Center for Teacher Education, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
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P4.2.1.5 Enhancing students’ strategic knowledge in medical physics by means of digital feedback
Pier Siersma*1, Henk Pol1, Adrie Visscher1, Wouter van Joolingen2
1Twente University, The Netherlands, 2Utrecht University, The Netherlands
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P4.2.1.6 Improvement  in students’ knowledge on larval mimesis: A case study of the experiential learning system ‘observe’
Yosuke Ota*1, Mina Komiyama2, Ryohei Egusa3,4, Ayako Okajima4, Shigenori Inagaki4, Fusako Kusunoki4, Masanori Sugimoto5, Hiroshi Mizoguchi1
1Tokyo University of Science, Japan, 2Tama Art University, Japan, 3JSPS Research Fellow, Japan, 4Kobe University, Japan, 5Hokkaido University, Japan
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P4.2.1.7 An evaluation of Greek educational android apps for preschoolers
Michail Kalogiannakis*, Stamatios Papadakis
University of Crete Department of Preschool Education, Faculty of Education, Greece
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P4.2.1.9 Throwing planets into orbit: Conceptual blending with physics simulations
Bor Gregorcic*, Jesper Haglund
Uppsala University, Sweden
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P4.2.1.10 Exploring the impact of game immersion experience on problem-solving behaviors through serious educational game play
Mei-En Hsu*, Meng-Tzu Cheng
Department of Biology, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan
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