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8. Scientific literacy and socio scientific issues
Friday 25th August Paper Session VIII, 11:30 - 13:00
Chairperson: Susan Yoon, University of Pennsylvania, USA
O8.8.2.1 Teachers' management of classroom discussions on socioscientific issues
Ulrika Bossér*, Mats Lindahl
Linnaeus University, Sweden
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O8.8.2.2 Developing students capability to critically reason when encountering conflicting  health information online
Jonna Wiblom*, Carl-Johan Rundgren, Maria Andrée
Stockholm University, Sweden
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O8.8.2.3 Students exploring online information on socio-scientific controversies by use of digital mapping tools
Anne Solli*, Thomas Hillman, Åsa Mäkitalo
Department of education, communication and learning, Sweden
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O8.8.2.4 Designing to use mobile apps as artifacts to promote action with socioscientific issues
Susan Yoon*, Noora Noushad, Jooeun Shim
University of Pennsylvania, USA
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