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14. In-service science teacher education, continued professional development
Thursday 24th August Paper Session VII, 11:30 - 13:00
Chairperson: Jesse Wilcox, Drake University, USA
O14.7.2.1 The role of external evaluation in the Primary Science Quality Mark programme
Jane Turner*1, Clare Warren1, Stuart Naylor2
1University of Hertfordshire, UK, 2Millgate House Education, UK
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O14.7.2.2 A longitudinal multi-case study of elementary teachers’ learning to engage in model-based instruction about water
Tina Vo*1, Cory T. Forbes1, Laura Zangori2, Christina V. Schwarz3
1University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, 2University of Missouri, USA, 3Michigan State University, USA
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O14.7.2.3 The impact of a year-long professional development on elementary teachers’ teaching of math and science
Jesse Wilcox*1, Jerrid Kruse1, Benjamin Herman2, Jaclyn Easter1, Hallie Edgerly1
1Drake University, USA, 2University of Missouri, USA
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