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16. Primary science teaching in Australia, Germany and Taiwan: The cultural framing of quality practice
Friday 25th August Symposia IV, 09:00 - 11:00
This symposium is based on the EQUALPRIME project conducted by research teams from Australia, Germany and Taiwan to capture video case studies of lesson sequences in primary science (Hackling, Ramseger & Chen, 2017). The purpose of the project was to investigate how science teaching was framed by culture and school context, and how teachers created opportunities for higher order thinking and reasoning. Meetings of the research teams enabled a shared repertoire to be developed that ensured comparable data were collected in each country and given the focus on the cultural framing of quality teaching, analyses were conducted by cross-cultural teams. The first paper (Aranda & Romain) analyses the methodological challenges faced by the study; sampling and representativeness of data, working across three languages, and the avoidance of cultural bias in the analysis and interpretation of data. The second paper (Tytler, Chen & Freitag-Amtmann) analyses the forms of inquiry learning and the variety of instructional approaches teachers applied to support inquiry in classrooms in the three countries, relating this to variation in cultural context. The third paper (Hackling & Sherriff) investigated how exemplary teachers orchestrated sensorimotor and other experiences into learning sequences so that embodied representations were transformed into graphical and verbal modes to support the development of abstract-symbolic knowledge of force concepts. The fourth paper (Ramseger, Murcia & Hubber) reports cross-case analyses drawing on insider and outsider perspectives which identified six broad aspects of quality teaching found in Australian, German and Taiwanese classrooms, and how they were framed by culture and context. These papers provide deep insights into the challenges of cross-cultural video studies, how quality science teaching and learning is transacted in diverse cultural settings, and highlight implications for teaching practice, teacher education and research methods.

Chairperson: Mark W Hackling, Edith Cowan University, Australia
Discussant: Erin M Furtak, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

S16.4.1.1 The methodology of comparative classroom studies
Gisela Romain*1, George Aranda2
1Freie Universitšt Berlin, Germany, 2Deakin University, Australia
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S16.4.1.2 Inquiry teaching and learning within and across cultures
Hsiao-Lan Sharon Chen*2, Russell Tytler1, Ines Freitag-Amtmann3
1Deakin University, Australia, 2National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, 3Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany
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S16.4.1.3 Teachers' orchestration of bodily experiences and their re-representations for learning force concepts
Mark Hackling*, Barbara Sherriff
Edith Cowan University, Australia
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S16.4.1.4 Re-defining quality in primary science education
Joerg Ramseger*1, Karen Murcia2, Peter Hubber3
1Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany, 2Curtin University, Australia, 3Deakin University, Australia
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