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12. Analyzing interactions in multilingual science classrooms
Friday 25th August Symposia IV, 09:00 - 11:00
Multilingual science classrooms are dynamic sites for research into the nature of interactions. This symposium brings together research on interactions in science classrooms from three countries, each with its own unique multilingual landscape. Collectively, the presentations approach the following questions: First, what does analysis of interactions in multilingual science classrooms reveal about the interplay of science meaning-making and language? Second, which research approaches and tools are useful in examining the intersections of science meaning-making and language use? Third, how can interaction analysis in multilingual science classrooms inform our broader understanding of meaning-making, interaction, and the role of language in all classrooms? The first presentation, situated in Lebanon, explores the tension between teachers’ use of Arabic language varieties, teachers’ language choice, and the impact on children’s sense-making. The second presentation, situated in Catalonia, presents the research tool that enabled researchers to study the nature of co-teacher collaborations in classrooms employing CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) science pedagogical approaches. The third presentation, also situated in Lebanon, presents a multilevel analytical framework developed for analysing interactions in multilingual science classrooms that draws from both Bakhtinian theoretical perspectives and activity theory. The final presentation, situated in Luxembourg, examines students’ interactions in an integrated science and literacy program through a lens of interaction ritual theory. In bringing together contributions from varied multilingual contexts, we look to address these questions as a group, in order to derive implications for research that are locally relevant while also extending across international contexts. The symposium will conclude with discussion about the collective insights that arise from our research in multilingual contexts. 

Chairperson: Sara E D Wilmes, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Discussant: Per-Olof Wickman, Stockholm University, Sweden

S12.4.1.1 Interaction rituals in multilingual student-centered science instruction
Sara E.D. Wilmes, Christina Siry*
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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S12.4.1.2 Analyzing co-teachers' interactions in a CLIL multilingual primary science classroom
Laura Valdés-Sánchez*, Mariona Espinet
Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona, Spain
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S12.4.1.3 The tension between arabic language varieties when teaching elementary science in Lebanon
Tamer Amin
American University of Beirut, Lebanon
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S12.4.1.4 Development of an analytical framework for interaction analysis in multilingual science classrooms
Saouma BouJaoude*1, Sara Salloum2
1American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 2University of Balamand, Lebanon
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