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0. What does it mean to support socio-cultural research in science education? The experience of the journal, Cultural Studies of Science Education
Friday 25th August Symposia IV, 09:00 - 11:00
Cultural Studies of Science Education is an open review journal established to provide a place for scholars, using social and cultural perspectives as foundational for their research, to publish their work. The journal has a mission to support empirical and non-empirical studies that explore science and science education as forms of culture while eschewing dichotomies. In this process, the journal also works to develop structures that make reviewing part of the research conversation through its use of original papers and forum papers that extend the research conversation of the original paper. The diversity of papers presented in this symposium showcase this diversity.

Chairperson: Catherine Milne, New York University, USA
Discussant: Isabel Martins, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

S0.4.1.1 "In biology class we would just sit indoors": Experiences of insideness and outsideness in the places student teachers' associate with science
Anna T. Danielsson*2, Kristina Andersson1, Annica Gullberg1, Anita Hussénius1, Kathryn Scantlebury1
1Centre for Gender Research, Sweden, 2King's College, UK, 3Dep of Chemistry and Biochemistry, USA
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S0.4.1.2 Science and religion: Implications for science educators
Michael J. Reiss
UCL Institute of Education, UK
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S0.4.1.3 Situating relational ontology and transformative activist stance within the ‘everyday' practice of coteaching and cogenerative dialogue
Collette Murphy
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
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S0.4.1.4 Reflections on the challenges and possibilities of journal publication in science education
Catherine Milne*1, Christina Siry2, Michael Mueller3
1New York University, USA, 2University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 3University of Alaska-Anchorage, USA
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