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10. Understanding science teachers' experiences of education policy reforms
Friday 25th August Symposia IV, 09:00 - 11:00
Science teaching is a profession with many stakeholders, e.g. students, parents, scientists, education researchers, politicians, teachers. As a result, science teachers experience continual policy shifts, e.g. curriculum reform and changes to national assessment practices. This symposium explores different perspectives on how we can understand the experiences of teachers as they navigate these multiple calls on their work. The first paper presents a sociocultural perspective on teachers’ responses to policy reform. This emphasizes the role of personal values held by the teacher and the processes through which these interact with school-specific policies and national/statewide educational policy reforms and their associated values. The second paper analyses interviews with teachers in Sweden over four years as they respond to shifting policies on grading and assessment of students in Y6. This analysis emphasizes the role of ‘teaching habits’ and identifies three distinct ways in which teachers sought to balance local autonomy with national assessment-driven reforms. The third paper explores teachers’ experiences of two reforms in Singapore: science inquiry and practitioner research. Analysis identifies factors that support teacher change and also the challenges they experience in responding to the reforms. The final paper, located in a context-based biology curriculum reform in The Netherlands, explores the role of goal system theory as a framework for understanding and supporting teachers’ responses to science curriculum reform. Overall, this symposium highlights the deep relationship between education policy and teachers’ classroom practices. It identifies approaches to policy and professional development to support effective teacher change. A further goal is to call for education research that focuses explicitly on science teachers’ experiences of policy in addition to the more common frame of policy as something to be informed by education research.

Chairperson: Jim Ryder, University of Leeds, UK
Discussant: Jens Dolin, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

S10.4.1.1 A sociocultural perspective on science teachers' experiences of education policy reform
Jim Ryder
University of Leeds, UK
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S10.4.1.2 Teachers' mangling of teaching habits: A longitudinal interview study concerning reforms of national testing and grading in science education in Year 6 in Sweden
Eva Lundqvist*, Malena Lidar
Uppsala University, Sweden
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S10.4.1.3 Science teachers' experiences with education policy reforms - A Singapore perspective
Kim Chwee Daniel Tan*, Aik Ling Tan
National Institute of Education Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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S10.4.1.4 Using goal systems to understand and support biology teachers' implementation of a context-based reform
Nienke Wieringa*1, Fred Janssen1, Jan van Driel2
1ICLON Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching, The Netherlands, 2Melbourne Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne, Australia
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