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9. Environmental, health and outdoor science education
Thursday 24th August Paper Session VII, 11:30 - 13:00
Chairperson: Albert Zeyer, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
O9.7.1.1 Health & wellbeing – the school garden, a place to feel good
Susan Pollin*, Carolin Retzlaff-Fürst
University of Rostock, Department of Didactics Biology, Germany
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O9.7.1.2 The influence of experiential learning on children’s attitudes toward animals
Eliza Rybska*1, Costas Constantinou2
1Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland, 2University of Cyprus, Cyprus
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O9.7.1.3 Factors influencing high school students’ interest during outdoor science lessons
Jean-Philippe Ayotte-Beaudet*, Patrice Potvin
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
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O9.7.1.4 Can - and should - empathy play a role in teaching complex science|environment|health concepts?
Albert Zeyer*1, Justin Dillon2
1Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, 2University of Bristol, UK
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