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8. Scientific literacy and socio scientific issues
Thursday 24th August Paper Session VII, 11:30 - 13:00
Chairperson: Mats Lindahl, Linnaeus University, Sweden
O8.7.1.1 High school students' multiple perspectives on a socio-scientific issue
Jen-Yi Wu*, Ying-Shao Hsu, Wen-Xin Zhang
Graduate Institute of Science Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
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O8.7.1.2 Inquiry based learning and socially acute questions
Nicolas Herve*1, Jean Simonneaux1, Laurence Simonneaux1, Gregoire Molinatti2, Lucas Nedelec1, Nadia Cancian1, Amélie Lipp1
1Ecole Nationale de Formation de lEnseignement Agricole, France, 2Université de la Réunion, France
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O8.7.1.3 A cooperative learning strategy using a socially acute question: Change in students' attitudes
Michel Vidal
SupAgro, France
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O8.7.1.4 Students' recognition of the educational demands in a socioscientific issue task
Mats Lindahl*1, Anne-Mari Folkesson1, Dana Zeidler2
1Linnaeus University, Sweden, 2University of South Florida, USA
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