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8. Science education in the Anthropocene
Thursday 24th August Symposia Session III, 09:00 - 11:00
Mounting research from various disciplines indicates that the human endeavour has shifted the earth into a new geologic epoch: the Anthropocene, the age of mankind. There is evidence that that mankind has become a global driver of the earth systems such as water circulation, climate, biological productivity, biodiversity, geo-biochemical cycles, sedimentation patterns, and overall use of lands and seas. 

Chairperson: Kai Niebert, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Discussant: Justin Dillon, University of Bristol, UK

S8.3.2.1 Educational reconstruction of the concept of renewable energy resources
Sybille Huefner*1, Kai Niebert2, Simone Abels1
1Leuphana University, Germany, 2University of Zurich, Switzerland
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S8.3.2.2 Reflecting on the role of scientific thinking in the Anthropocene
Thorsten Kosler
Pedagogical University of Tirol, Austria
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S8.3.2.3 How to determine ethical knowledge that supports judging in contexts of the Anthropocene?
Dirk Felzmann
Georg-August-University Goettingen, Germany
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S8.3.2.4 How embodiment shapes decision making – A renanalysis of studies on SSI in science education
Mathis Kueckens*, Kai Niebert
University of Zurich, Switzerland
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