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14. In-service science teacher education, continued professional development
Wednesday 23rd August Paper Session VI, 16:45 - 18:15
Chairperson: Jerrid Kruse, Drake University, USA
O14.6.1.1 Understanding Korean primary school teachers who avoid teaching science
Eunjin Jang*, Chan-Jong Kim, Seung-Urn Choe
Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
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O14.6.1.2 The value of school partnerships in improving primary science teaching
Irina Kudenko, Pauline Hoyle*
National STEM Learning Network, UK
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O14.6.1.3 How primary school teachers succeed in designing lessons to teach students 21st century skills
Dace Namsone*, Liga Cakane
University of Latvia, Latvia
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O14.6.1.4 Investigating elementary teachers' philosophy and nature of technology (PNOT) instruction
Jerrid Kruse*, Jesse Wilcox, Hallie Edgerly, Jaclyn Easter
Drake University, USA
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