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2. Learning science: cognitive, affective, and social aspects
Wednesday 23rd August Paper Session V, 11:30 - 13:00
Chairperson: Alberto Bellocchi, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
O2.5.2.1 Achievement emotions experienced in science among middle school students
Sufen Chen*1, Chi Chi1, Amandeep Dhir2
1Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, 2Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, Finland
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O2.5.2.2 The use of humour during a collaborative inquiry
Jaakko Lamminpää*, Veli-Matti Vesterinen
University of Turku, Finland
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O2.5.2.3 Student participation and perception of social environment in the science classroom
Chun-Hui Jen*1, Yu-Ta Chien1, Sonya Martin2, Hye-Eun Chu3, Chun-Yen Chang1
1National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, 2Seoul National University, Republic of Korea, 3Macquarie University, Australia
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O2.5.2.4 Students' emotional experiences of science inquiry
Alberto Bellocchi
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
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