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4. Digital resources for science teaching and learning
Tuesday 22nd August Paper Session IV, 16:45 - 18:15
Chairperson: Debra McGregor, Oxford Brookes University, UK
O4.4.1.1 Designing LabVIEW based electricity and electronics laboratories as intervention tool in physics
Yohanes Wolde-Senbet*, Maria Åström
Department of Engineering and Physics, Karlstad University, Sweden
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O4.4.1.2 How credible are the virtual laboratories? A comparison of the photographic and non-photographic virtual experiments about resistivity
Ertugrul Ozdemir*, Ulas Ustun, Kubra Elif Bagriyanik
Artvin Coruh University, Turkey
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O4.4.1.3 Analysis of the role of interactive whiteboard (IWB) for promoting students' scientific practices in secondary school labwork
Víctor López Simó*, Carme Grimalt Álvaro, Digna Couso Lagarón
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O4.4.1.4 Pondering properties of materials : Reflecting on the affordances offered by tablet technology
Debra McGregor
Oxford Brookes University, UK
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