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2. Learning science: cognitive, affective, and social aspects
Tuesday 22nd August Paper Session IV, 16:45 - 18:15
Chairperson: Jenny Hellgren, Umeå University, Sweden
O2.4.2.1 YouTubers, bloggers & app designers: Exploring career aspirations of 21st century learners
Isha DeCoito
Western University, Canada
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O2.4.2.2 Using theoretical and methodological triangulation to study motivation in the science classroom
Jenny Hellgren
Umeå University, Sweden
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O2.4.2.3 Developing and using an instrument to assess high school students' attitudes to STEM subjects and human spaceflight
Maria Turkenburg-van Diepen*, Judith Bennett, Jeremy Airey, Lynda Dunlop
University of York, UK
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O2.4.2.4 Neurophysiolocal measurements of engagement –towards prediction of learners’ performance
Patrick Charland1, Pierre-Majorique Léger2, Yannick Skelling*1, Hugo G. Lapierre1
1Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada, 2HEC Montréal, Canada
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