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2. Promoting youth scientific career awareness and its attractiveness through multi-stakeholder co-operation – the MultiCO project
Tuesday 22nd August Symposia Session I, 09:00 - 11:00
By focusing on making school science more relevant and exciting for students, the MultiCO Project undertakes research on an approach to science education that is designed to attract more students towards studying science, to increase motivation to pursue science-related careers, as well as to raise their awareness of the multitude of careers. The project examines the impact of the introduction of real life related, career-focused stories referred to as scenarios, which initiate context- and inquiry-based science studies and are intended for secondary school students (ages 13 to 15). In five countries, longitudinal studies are carried out that include five interventions for each participating school class, from which students’ interest development is examined. While a key aspect of the project is to capture the student viewpoint, research within the project heavily focuses on producing evidence of the impact of career-awareness on students’ science study choices, and attitudes towards science-related careers. 
This symposium encompasses 4 presentations. The first presentation is the conceptual framework for the project, encompassing theoretical perspectives and knowledge from four inter-related strands of research: Motivation, interest, attitudes; Activities for promoting STEM careers; Counselling for STEM careers; and Subject and career choice. The second shows the outcomes of identifying students’ interest before the interventions and the third reflects the creation of scenarios and students’ perceptions on these scenarios. Fourth research area reports on findings from classroom-based case studies. These are intended to contribute to the enrichment of the theoretical framework, associated with the use of career-based scenarios as a means to enhance students’ interest in science and to arouse awareness about possible science-related career choices.
Project is supported by Horizon2020 Grant Agreement No: 665100

Chairperson: Tuula Keinonen, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland
Discussant: Eleni Kyza, Cyprus University of Technology, Limmasol, Cyprus

S2.1.1.1 MultiCO project and its conceptual framework
Tuula Keinonen*1, Shirley Simon2, John Connolly2, Irene Drymiotou3, Miia Rannikmše4, Annette Scheersoi5
1University of Eastern Finland, Finland, 2University College London, UK, 3University of Cyprus, Cyprus, 4University of Tartu, Estonia, 5University of Bonn, Germany
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S2.1.1.2 Interest in science – measurement and some surprising findings
Jonathan Hense*1, Lara Weiser1, Annette Scheersoi1, Irene Drymiotou2, Tormi Kotkas3, Jingoo Kang4, InÍs Direito5
1University of Bonn, Germany, 2University of Cyprus, Cyprus, 3University of Tartu, Estonia, 4University of Eastern Finland, Finland, 5University College London, UK
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S2.1.1.3 Using scenarios to Enhance students’ interest in science and promote career awareness.
Irene Drymiotou*, Nikos Papadouris, Costas Constantinou
University of Cyprus, Cyprus
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S2.1.1.4 Evaluation of student motivational, career-related context-based scenarios
Miia Rannikmše*1, Regina Soobard1, Jack Holbrook1, Irene Drymiotou2, Jingoo Kang3, Lara Weiser4, InÍs Direito5
1University of Tartu, Estonia, 2University of Cyprus, Cyprus, 3University of Eastern Finland, Finland, 4University of Bonn, Germany, 5University College London, UK
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