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18. Methodological issues in science education research
Monday 21st August Paper Session II, 16:45 - 18:15
Chairperson: Justin Dillon, University of Bristol, UK
O18.2.1.1 Ontological commitments of constructivism in science education
Pedro J. Sánchez Gómez
Departamento de Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales. Universidad Complutense de Madrid., Spain
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O18.2.1.2 Validity of an instrument used to assess student’s performance on doing comparative investigations
Pitt Hild*, Maja Brückmann, Christoph Gut
Zurich University of Teacher Education, Switzerland
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O18.2.1.3 The use of video ethnography in an inquiry-based blended science classroom
Connie Cirkony, Peter Hubber*
Deakin University, Australia
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O18.2.1.4 On the measure of attitude towards science: A scientific model
Liu Huang, Fan Huang*, Pey Tee, Emily Oon
The University of Macau, Macao
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