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6. Nature of science for social justice
Thursday 24th August Symposia Session III, 09:00 - 11:00
This symposium brings together a set of theoretical and empirical papers with the purpose of shedding light on how nature of science (NOS) in school science could contribute to the enhancement of social justice. Collectively the papers question how curriculum materials, science textbooks and popular science YouTube videos can and do facilitate the learning of NOS for social justice. As the papers draw upon different frameworks of NOS and social justice in setting forth their arguments, one objective of the symposium is to critically examine these frameworks and their potential to contribute to the agenda of NOS for social justice. The symposium starts with a paper that examines the intersection between the NOS and social justice literatures. The paper delineates a set of common concepts emerging from the two bodies of literature and provides curricular recommendations. The second and third papers address how science textbooks facilitate (or impede) the learning of NOS for social justice. While the second paper analyzes how and the extent to which researchers are visible in Swedish years 7-9 main science textbooks versus ones adjusted for students in need of special education, the third paper argues that science lessons can be an opportunity to use some of the gender and ethnic stereotypes present in the Lebanese science textbooks as fertile grounds to guide students to critically reflect on NOS. The fourth paper provides an analysis of how NOS is represented in popular science YouTube videos. Focusing on the cultural and social aspects of science the paper highlights a number of stereotypes that are problematic from a social justice point of view. 

Chairperson: Hagop A Yacoubian, Haigazian University, Lebanon
Discussant: Jim Ryder, University of Leeds, UK

S6.3.1.1 How social justice can be promoted through nature of science in science education
Ebru Kaya*1, Sibel Erduran2
1Bogazici University, Turkey, 2University of Oxford, UK
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S6.3.1.2 Researchers in science textbooks - present or absent? An analysis of "ordinary" textbooks and textbooks adjusted for students in need of special education
Lena Hansson*, Lotta Leden
Kristianstad University, Sweden
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S6.3.1.3 Stereotypes in textbooks: Fertile grounds for critical exploration of the nature of science
Hagop A Yacoubian
Haigazian University, Lebanon
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S6.3.1.4 Representations of nature of science on popular science YouTube videos
Veli-Matti Vesterinen*, Jaakko Lamminpää
University of Turku, Finland
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