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Keynote 4
Thursday 24th August Keynote 4, 14:00 - 15:00

Eleni A. Kyza 

Eleni A. Kyza is Associate Professor in Information Society with the Department of Communication and Internet Studies at the Cyprus University of Technology. During her Ph.D. studies in Learning Sciences she investigated reflective inquiry and students’ evidence-based scientific reasoning.   She has a specialization in Cognitive Science, a master’s degree in Technology in Education, a B.Sc. in Education, with a concentration in Educational Media and Technology, and a Teacher’s Diploma. She is the program director of the master’s program “New Technologies for Communication and Learning” and she leads the Media, Cognition, and Learning Research Group.

With her collaborators, she has developed two inquiry learning software, which have been used in multiple inquiry research projects: the web-based, reflective inquiry, learning and teaching platform STOCHASMOS, which enabled the investigation of scaffolding to support middle school students’ scientific literacy practices and inquiry-based learning, and TraceReaders, an augmented reality platform for scaffolding students’ inquiry learning in informal contexts.

Her research interests focus on the investigation of computer-supported collaborative inquiry learning and the design of technology-enhanced learning environments at different levels of education to support motivated, meaningful and reflective practices. Her current research areas include: scaffolding inquiry learning in informal spaces using augmented reality technologies; collaborative learning; participatory design with teachers and students; and integrating learning in science with promoting active and responsible citizenship in young people.

Keynote 4 Broadening our understanding of transformative science learning contexts: The role of design, collaboration and digital technologies
Eleni A. Kyza
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
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