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12. Troubling science education: a Nordic view
Wednesday 23rd August Symposia Session II, 09:00 - 11:00
This symposium presents an overview and examples from a recently published book that intends to problematize selected fields of research in science education and teacher professional development. The community of authors asked questions about the continued research focus on ‘best practice’ or individual student’s success in science. The authors were interested in taking a critical stance towards such questions to sensitise the research community and to inspire with different critical perspectives. The authors take a particular interest in the factors that go beyond the individual and shape the conditions for science education in late-modern classrooms. Another important aspect is a shared concern that science education may still be considered being value free and neutral. The contributions to this symposium will pick up on such wonderings to pick up on questions if science education research has perhaps focused too narrowly on the interactions between teachers and students (Alton-Lee, 2003). The symposium presenters intend to challenge science education researchers to investigate how cultural norms or political ideologies shape science education and science teachers’ professional development. The four presentations include also questions to do with the role of materiality in science education. Since the contributions are from researchers who come from Nordic countries, the intention was also to take a critical look at education systems that are at times portrayed as exemplary in embracing high standards of democratic and social values. The presentations intend to challenge also a “Nordic” ideology that may create the illusion of latent justice in science education, where it may be assumed that success in science education is down to students’ levels of motivation and curiosity in discovering science for themselves and left to their teachers to make this happen.

Chairperson: Kathrin Otrel-Cass, Aalborg University, Denmark
Discussant: Marianne Løken, University of Oslo, Norway

S12.2.2.1 Reconceptualising science education research – a book project
Kathrin Otrel-Cass*1, Auli Arvola Orlander2, Martin Krabbe Sillasen3
1Aalborg University, Denmark, 2Stockholm University, Sweden, 3VIA University College, Denmark
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S12.2.2.2 Political rationalities in science teaching materials provided by external actors
Maria Andree*1, Lena Hansson2, Malin Ideland3
1Stockholm University, Sweden, 2Kristianstad University, Sweden, 3Malmø University, Sweden
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S12.2.2.3 What’s in it for me?  The clash between systemic aims of a professional development programme and science teachers’ career expectations
Peer Daugbjerg*1, Martin Krabbe Sillasen2
1VIA University College, Denmark, 2VIA University College, Denmark
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S12.2.2.4 The school science lab: Hybrid space and the production of school science 
Gerd Johansen
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
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