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7. Literacy for scientific practices and inquiry
Thursday 24th August Symposia Session III, 09:00 - 11:00
The role of literacy is central to core scientific practices such as promoting scientific discourse and communication, engaging in evidence-based argumentation, and constructing explanations and representations. There is currently an increasing need for research to support science teachers in using literacy to promote scientific practices and inquiry. This symposium is based on a selection of papers from a forthcoming volume by Springer highlighting recent global developments of literacy in science education research. It features instructional approaches from four countries (Australia, Norway, Singapore, USA) that not only demonstrate the synergy between literacy and science, but also enable teachers to enact and build literacy as part of learning science. With a common understanding that science and literacy are mutually supporting, each paper in this symposium showcases different aspects of recent research work in this emerging area.

Chairperson: Kok-Sing Tang, Curtin University, Australia
Discussant: Larry Yore, University of Victoria, Canada

S7.3.1.1 The implementation of scientific literacy as basic skills in Norway
Erik Knain*, Marianne Odegaard
University of Oslo, Norway
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S7.3.1.2 Integrating literacy into a science inquiry instructional model
Kok-Sing Tang*1, Buana Putra2
1Curtin University, Australia, 2Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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S7.3.1.3 Constructing representations as a core science disciplinary literacy
Vaughan Prain*1, Russell Tytler1, Peter Hubber1, Bruce Waldrip2
1Deakin University, Australia, 2University of Tasmania, Australia
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S7.3.1.4 Teacher orientation as a critical factor in promoting science literacy
Brian Hand*1, Soonhye Park2, Jee Kyung Suh3, Yejun Bae1
1University of Iowa, USA, 2North Carolina State University, USA, 3University of Alabama, USA
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