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2. Learning science: cognitive, affective, and social aspects
Tuesday 22nd August Paper Session III, 11:30 - 13:00
Chairperson: Tuula Keinonen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
O2.3.2.1 Students' perceptions of working life skills in the UK, Finland and Germany
Anssi Salonen*1, Anu Hartikainen-Ahia1, Tuula Keinonen1, Inês Direito2, Lara Weiser3, Annette Scheersoi3, Jonathan Hense3
1University of Eastern Finland, Finland, 2University College London, UK, 3University of Bonn, Germany
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O2.3.2.2 An explorative laboratory study: Changing representations of functional dependencies in physics class of lower secondary school
Marie-Annette Geyer*, Gesche Pospiech
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
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O2.3.2.3 Choosing a science career:  Free choice science learning, self-efficacy, identity, and motivation
M. Gail Jones*1, Gina Childers2, Katherine Chesnutt1, Elysa Corin3, Thomas Andre4, Emily Cayton1
1NC State University, USA, 2University of North Georgia, USA, 3Exploratorium, USA, 4Iowa State University, USA
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O2.3.2.4 Career aspirations among sixth graders
Tuula Keinonen*, Maija Saramäki, Sirpa Kärkkäinen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland
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