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8. Scientific literacy and socio scientific issues
Tuesday 22nd August Paper Session III, 11:30 - 13:00
Chairperson: Vanessa Kind, Durham University, UK
O8.3.1.1 The concept of risk: Implications for science education
Linda Schenk*1, Margareta Enghag2, Andrzej Wojcik2, Karim Hamza2
1KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, 2Stockholm University, Sweden
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O8.3.1.2 Morality and epistemology in upper secondary students deliberation on risk assessment concerning genetic engineering 
Iann Lundegård*1, Leena Arvanitis2, Karim Hamza1
1Stockholm University, Sweden, 2Blackebergs Gymnasium, Sweden
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O8.3.1.3 Learning about energy: a real-life approach challenging the present culture of science and engineering
Ilse Bartosch
University of Vienna, Austria
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O8.3.1.4 Developing post-16 students' understandings of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer and human cloning via a law-in-action workshop
Vanessa Kind*, Shaun Pattinson, Benedict Douglas
Durham University, UK
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