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15. Early years science education
Monday 21st August Paper Session I, 15:00 - 16:30
Chairperson: Lena Hansson, Kristianstad University, Sweden
O15.1.1.1 Promoting pre-school students’ learning of natural sciences using scaffolding strategies
Anna Windt
Münster University, Germany
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O15.1.1.2 Development of observation skills in science education for enhanced understanding
Ann Mutvei*, Jan-Eric Mattsson
Södertörn University, Sweden
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O15.1.1.3 Reflections on guidance to orientate untrained practitioners towards authentic science for children in the early years
Linda McGuigan*, Terry Russell
University of Liverpool, UK
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O15.1.1.4 Preschool science with a starting point in everyday situations - preschool teachers' reasoning
Lena Hansson*, Lena Löfgren
Kristianstad University, Sweden
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