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3. Science teaching processes
Monday 21st August Paper Session II, 16:45 - 18:15
Chairperson: Helge Gresch, University of Münster, Germany
O3.2.1.1 Species identification elaborated from a dual memory system approach
Karin Stolpe*, Lars Björklund
Linköping University, Sweden
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O3.2.1.2 The benefits of structuring teacher behavior in biology lessons with experiments
Alexander Eckes*, Matthias Wilde
University of Bielefeld, Germany
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O3.2.1.3 Effects of incremental scaffolds on knowledge acquisition during experimentation in biology lessons
Alexandra Stümmler*, Matthias Wilde
Bielefeld University, Germany
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O3.2.1.4 How do teachers deal with teleological explanations in evolution classes?
Helge Gresch
University of Münster, Germany
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