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12. Cultural, social and gender issues in science and technology education
Monday 21st August Paper Session II, 16:45 - 18:15
Chairperson: Jennifer DeWitt, Institute of Education/University College London, UK
O12.2.1.1 Science choice at school: Gender and the relative importance of factors students consider when selecting subjects
Tracey-Ann Palmer*, Paul F. Burke, Peter Aubusson
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
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O12.2.1.2 Teachers’ conceptions of gender equality in Russia
Frederic Charles*1, Pierre Clement2
1Université, France, 2Université, France
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O12.2.1.3 Masculinities and social class in conceptualisations of the engineering mechanics programme
Anna T. Danielsson*1, Maria Berge2, Eva Silfver2
1King's College London, UK, 2Umeĺ University, Sweden
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O12.2.1.4 Exploring the potential of science capital for understanding students' science participation
Jennifer DeWitt
Institute of Education/University College London, UK
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