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TWG 23 Implementation of Research Findings in Mathematics Education
Suite 657
TWG leader: Uffe Thomas Jankvist
TWG23.PA1 Designing a research-based detection test for eliciting students' prior understanding on proportional reasoning
Linda Ahl
Kriminalvården, Sweden
TWG23.PA2 ‘Explicit teaching' as an effective method of acquiring problem solving strategies - The case of ‘working backwards'
Miriam Amit*, Yelena Portnov-Naaman
Ben Gurion University, Israel
TWG23.PA3 Using a Models and Modeling Perspective (MMP) to frame and combine research, practice- and teachers' professional development
Jonas Bergman Ärlebäck
Linköping University, Sweden
TWG23.PA4 Providing a tool for lesson planning in pre-service teacher’s education
Tone Bulien
University of Stavanger, Norway
TWG23.PA5 From theory to praxis
Lisser Rye Ejersbo*1, Morten Misfeldt2
1Aarhus University, Denmark, 2Aalborg University, Denmark
TWG23.PA6 The notion and role of "detection tests" in the Danish upper secondary "maths counsellor" programme
Uffe Thomas Jankvist*1, Mogens Niss2
1Aarhus University, Denmark, 2Roskilde University, Denmark
TWG23.PA7 Theoretical constructs for early intervention programs in mathematics: who cares? - A Danish example
Katrine Kirsted*, Lena Lindenskov
Aarhus University, Denmark
TWG23.PA8 Students' video tutorials as a means for supporting and analyzing their reflections on the limit concept
Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen*1, Morten Blomhøj2
1University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2Roskilde University, Denmark
TWG23.PA9 Implementation enterprise through the lens of a theory of diffusion of innovations: A case of online problem-solving forums
Boris Koichu*, Nelly Keller
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
TWG23.PA10 From theory through collaboration into practice: designing a problem solving curriculum for grade 6 students
Ana Kuzle
University of Potsdam, Germany
TWG23.PA11 Mapping the logics in practice oriented competence development
Andreas Lindenskov Tamborg1,2, Benjamin Brink Allsopp1, Simon Skov Fougt2, Morten Misfeldt*1
1Aalborg University, Denmark, 2Metropolitan University College, Denmark
TWG23.PA12 Characterizing theories aimed at supporting teachers’ mathematical classroom practices
Per Nilsson*1, Andreas Ryve2, Maria Larsson3
1Örebro University, Sweden, 2Mälardalen University, Sweden, 3Mälardalen University, Sweden
TWG23.PA13 Research findings associated with the concept of function and their implementation in the design of mathematics textbooks tasks
Mario Sánchez Aguilar*1, Apolo Castañeda1, Rosa Isela González-Polo2
1Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CICATA Legaria, Mexico, 2Instituto Cumbres Toluca, Mexico
TWG23.PA14 Learning with worked examples – how does it work in a real classroom setting?
Alexandra Scherrmann
University of Education, Germany
TWG23.PA15 Rehearsals in work with in-service mathematics teachers
Anita Valenta*, Kjersti Wæge
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway