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TWG 22 Curricular Resources and Task Design in Mathematics Education
Suite 690
TWG leader: Birgit Pepin
TWG22.PA1 Tasks to develop flexible multiplicative reasoning
Joana Brocardo*1, Jean Marie Kraemer2, Fátima Mendes3, Catarina Delgado4
1Escola Superior de Educação, IPS de Setúbal and UIDEF, Instituto de Educação, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, 2CITO, The Netherlands, 3Escola Superior de Educação do IPS, Portugal, 4Escola Superior de Educação, IPS, Portugal
TWG22.PA2 Tensions between resource perspectives and trends in the design and dissemination of digital resources
Zenon Borys, Jeffrey Choppin*
University of Rochester, USA
TWG22.PA3 The role of design in conceptual change The case of proportional reasoning
Noa Cohen-Eliyahu
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
TWG22.PA4 From textbook to classroom: a research on teachers’ use of pedagogical resources in the context of primary school in the French speaking part of Switzerland
Audrey Daina1,2
1Université de Genève, Switzerland, 2HEP Vaud, Switzerland
TWG22.PA5 Documentational trajectory: a tool for analysing the genesis of a teacher's resource system across her collective work
Katiane De Moraes Rocha*, Luc Trouche
École normale supérieure de Lyon, France
TWG22.PA6 Children's performance on a mathematics task they were not taught to solve: A case study
Seán Delaney
Marino Institute of Education, Ireland
TWG22.PA7 Critical evaluation and design of mathematics tasks: pre-service teachers
Majella Dempsey*1, Ann O'Shea2
1Maynooth University, Ireland, 2Maynooth University, Ireland
TWG22.PA8 Agency as a tool in design research collaborations
Andreas Eckert
Linnaeus University, Sweden
TWG22.PA9 Factors impacting on the collaborative design of digital resources
Nataly Essonnier*1, Berta Barquero2, Christian Mercat1, Mohamed El-Demerdash1,3, Jana Trgalova1, Mario Barajas2, Pedro Lealdino Filho1
1University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France, 2University of Barcelona, Spain, 3Menoufia University, Egypt
TWG22.PA10 Programming for 3rd graders, Scratch-based or unplugged?
Aaron Gaio
Universtity of Palermo, Italy
TWG22.PA11 Context based tasks on differential equations to improve students' beliefs about the relevance of mathematics
Dié Gijsbers*, Birgit Pepin
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
TWG22.PA12 Pre-service teachers' reflections on task design and implementation
Hulya Kilic*1, Oguzhan Dogan1, Zuhal Yilmaz1, Pelin Donmez2
1Yeditepe University, Turkey, 2Ulus Private Jewish High School, Turkey
TWG22.PA13 Principles of redesigning an e-task based on a paper-and-pencil task: The case of parametric functions
Galit Nagari Haddif
University of Haifa, Israel
TWG22.PA14 Teachers' collective documentation work: a case study on tolerance intervals
Ghislaine Gueudet1, Veronica Parra*1,2
1CREAD, ESPE Bretagne, University of Brest, France, 2NIECyT. UNCPBA. CONICET, Argentina
TWG22.PA15 Students’ utilization of feedback by an interactive mathematics e-textbook for primary level
Sebastian Rezat
University of Paderborn, Germany
TWG22.PA16 Designing for responsibility and authority in experiment based instruction in mathematics: The case of reasoning with uncertainty
Abdel Mainou Seidouvy*1, Andreas Eckert2
1School of Science and Technology (Örebro University), Sweden, 2Departenment of Mathematics (Linnaeus University), Sweden
TWG22.PA17 Promoting prospective elementary teachers’ knowledge about the role of assumptions in mathematical activity
Andreas Stylianides*1, Gabriel Stylianides2
1University of Cambridge, UK, 2University of Oxford, UK