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TWG 21 Assessment in Mathematics Education
Canal Café
TWG leader: Paola Iannone
TWG21.PA1 Formative assessment - and the component of Adjusted Teacher Instruction
Catarina Andersson
Umeå University, Sweden
TWG21.PA2 Written documentations in final exams with CAS
Johannes Beck
Julius-Maximilians Universität, Germany
TWG21.PA3 Teachers' formative assessment practices: the case of an IBME-centered course
Maud Chanudet
University of Geneva, Switzerland
TWG21.PA4 Ireland's Junior Certificate mathematics examination through the lens of the PISA and TIMSS frameworks: Has Project Maths made any difference?
Rachel Cunningham*, Seán Close, Gerry Shiel
Educational Research Centre, St. Patrick's College Campus, Ireland
TWG21.PA5 Designing and analysing the role of digital resources in supporting formative assessment processes in the classroom: the helping worksheets
Annalisa Cusi*1, Francesca Morselli2, Cristina Sabena1
1University of Turin, Italy, 2University of Genoa, Italy
TWG21.PA6 Mathematics students' attitudes to group-based project exams compared to students in science and engineering
Bettina Dahl
Aalborg University, Denmark
TWG21.PA7 A case for a new approach to establishing the validity of comparative judgement as an assessment tool for mathematics
Ben Davies
Loughborough University, UK
TWG21.PA8 Cognitive demand of mathematics tasks set in European statewide exit exams - Are some competences more demanding than others?
Christina Drüke-Noe*1, Svenja-Mareike Kühn2
1Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten, University of Education, Germany, 2Universität Koblenz-Landau, Germany
TWG21.PA9 A vertical analysis of difficulties in mathematics by secondary school to university level; some evidences stems from standardized assessment
Federica Ferretti*1, Alessandro Gambini2
1University of Bologna, Italy, 2University of Parma, Italy
TWG21.PA10 Using external assessments for improving assessment practices of primary school teachers: a first study and some methodological questions
Nadine Grapin*1,2, Nathalie Sayac1,2
1Université Paris Est Créteil, France, 2, Laboratoire de Didactique André Revuz, France
TWG21.PA11 Using assessment for learning to enhance mathematics education in the primary school: Irish students' perspectives.
Ann Marie Gurhy
Dublin City University, Ireland
TWG21.PA12 Assessment of students' thinking when working with graphs of functions - Promoting pre-service teachers' diagnostic competence
Rita Hofmann*, Jürgen Roth
University of Koblenz-Landau, Campus Landau, Germany
TWG21.PA13 Assessment in mathematics as a lever to promote students’ learning and teachers’ professional development
Julie Horoks*, Julia Pilet
Laboratoire de didactique André Revuz, France
TWG21.PA14 Preservice mathematics teachers' views about planning the assessment
Gözde Kaplan*, Çiğdem Haser
Middle East Technical University, Turkey
TWG21.PA15 From  paper and pencil-  to Computer-based assessment: some issues raising in the comparison
Alice Lemmo*1, Maria Alessandra Mariotti2
1Università di Palermo, Italy, 2Università di Siena, Italy
TWG21.PA16 Teddy bear preschool mathematics assessment: Validation of a constructivist game- and story-based measure
Sally Moomaw
University of Cincinnati, USA
TWG21.PA17 Enhancing formative assessment in mathematical class discussion: a matter of feedback
Annalisa Cusi1, Francesca Morselli*2, Cristina Sabena1
1Università di Torino, Italy, 2Università di Genova, Italy
TWG21.PA18 Examining difficulties in initial algebra: Prerequisite and algebra content areas for Irish post-primary students.
Aoife O'Brien*1, Máire Ní Ríordáin2
1National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland, 2University College Cork, Ireland
TWG21.PA19 Analysing students' graphicacy from a national test
Oduor Olande
Linneuniversitetet, Sweden
TWG21.PA20 The Italian national education assessment system: building mathematics items
Rossella Garuti, Cristina Lasorsa, Stefania Pozio*
TWG21.PA21 ‘It's different, it's difficult, it's unknown': letting go of levels
Nick Pratt*1, Julie Alderton2
1Plymouth University, UK, 2University of Cambridge, UK
TWG21.PA22 Towards an empirical validation of mathematics teachers' intuitive assessment practice exemplified by modelling tasks
Xenia-Rosemarie Reit
Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
TWG21.PA23 Mathematics teachers' assessment of accounts of problem solving
Anna Teledahl
Dalarna University, Sweden
TWG21.PA24 Supporting Chinese primary school teachers' assessment practice in mathematics: effects on student achievement
Xiaoyan Zhao*1, Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen1,2, Michiel Veldhuis2
1Freudenthal Institute, FBW, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 2Freudenthal Group, FSW, Utrecht University, The Netherlands