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TWG 18 Mathematics Teacher Education and Professional Development
Nally Suite
TWG leader: Stefan Zehetmeier
TWG18.PA1 Noticing aspects of example use in the classroom: analysis of a case
Pessia Tsamir, Dina Tirosh, Ruthi Barkai*, Esther Levenson
Tel Aviv University, Israel
TWG18.PA2 Investigating potential improvements of mathematics student teachers' instruction from Lesson Study
Reidar Mosvold, Raymond Bjuland*, Janne Fauskanger
University of Stavanger, Norway
TWG18.PA3 Characteristics of pre-service primary teachers’ noticing of students’ thinking related to fraction concept sub-constructs
Àngela Buforn*1, Ceneida Fernández1, Salvador Llinares1, Gloria Sánchez-Matamoros2
1University of Alicante, Spain, 2University of Sevilla, Spain
TWG18.PA4 Analysing mathematics teacher learning in lesson study - a proposed theoretical framework
Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain2, Stéphane Clivaz*1
1Lausanne University of Teacher Education, Switzerland, 2University College Dublin, Ireland
TWG18.PA5 Innovating teachers' practices: potentiate the teaching of mathematics through experimental activities
Maria Cristina Costa*1, António Domingos2
1Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, Portugal, 2Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
TWG18.PA6 From emergency sirens to birdsong
Elisabeta Eriksen*1, Bjørn Smestad1, Annette Hessen Bjerke1, Camilla Rodal1, Yvette Solomon2,1
1Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway, 2Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
TWG18.PA7 Core practices and mathematical tasks of teaching in teacher education: What can be learned from a challenging case?
Janne Fauskanger*, Reidar Mosvold
University of Stavanger, Norway
TWG18.PA8 Characteristics of a learning environment to support prospective secondary mathematics teachers' noticing of students' thinking related to the limit concept
Ceneida Fernández*1, Salvador Llinares1, M. Luz Callejo1, Mar Moreno1, Gloria Sánchez-Matamoros2
1Universidad de Alicante, Spain, 2Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
TWG18.PA9 Evaluation of a discovery, inquiry- and project-based learning program
Hanna Gärtner*, Matthias Ludwig
Goethe-University, Germany
TWG18.PA10 Factors influencing the developing effectiveness of early career teachers' mathematics teaching - initial findings
Alison Godfrey
University of Leicester, UK
TWG18.PA11 A theoretical framework for analyzing training situations in mathematics teacher education
Claire Guille-Biel Winder*1,2, Frédérick Tempier4,3
1COPIRELEM, France, 2CAFEP-ESPE de Nice Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, France, 3Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France, 4Laboratoire André Revuz, France
TWG18.PA12 Belief change of teachers in PD course with reflecting on students' learning results
Thomas Hahn*, Andreas Eichler
University Kassel, Germany
TWG18.PA13 Shifting frames - A teacher's change towards explorative instruction
Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim
Technion, Israel
TWG18.PA14 Situation-specific diagnostic competence of mathematics teachers - a qualitative supplementary study of the TEDS-Follow-Up project
Jessica Hoth
University of Vechta, Germany
TWG18.PA15 Pre-service mathematics teachers: How to make them ready to be ready
Veronika Hubeňáková*, Ingrid Semanišinová, Dušan Šveda
Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Faculty of Science, Slovakia
TWG18.PA16 Measuring beliefs concerning the double discontinuity in secondary teacher education
Viktor Isaev*, Andreas Eichler
University of Kassel, Germany
TWG18.PA17 Using a fraction Learning Trajectory as a tool to develop pre-service primary teachers' noticing of students' fractional reasoning
Pere Ivars*, Ceneida Fernández, Salvador Llinares
Universidad de Alicante, Spain
TWG18.PA18 Collaborative research in in-service teacher professional development
Jónína Vala Kristinsdóttir
University of Iceland, Iceland
TWG18.PA19 Integrating teachers institutional and informal mathematics education: the case of ‘Progetto ArAl’ group in Facebook
Nicolina A. Malara*1, Giancarlo Navarra2
1University of Modena & Reggio E., Italy, 2University of Mdena 6 Reggio E., Italy
TWG18.PA20 Prospective teachers interpret student responses: Between assessment, educational design and research
Maria Mellone*1, Roberto Tortora1, Arne Jakobsen2, Miguel Ribeiro3,4
1University of Naples Federico II, Italy, 2University of Stavanger, Norway, 3University of Algarve, Portugal, 4UNICAMP, Brazil
TWG18.PA21 Ritual vs. Explorative classroom participation of pre-service elementary school mathematics teachers
Talli Nachlieli*, Yafim Katz
Levinsky College of Education, Israel
TWG18.PA22 Upper secondary teachers’ stages of concern related to curricular innovations before and after a professional development course on teaching probability and statistics including the use of digital tools
Rolf Biehler, Ralf Nieszporek*
University of Paderborn, Germany
TWG18.PA23 Co-disciplinary mathematics and physics research and study courses (RSC) within two groups of pre-service teacher education
Maria Rita Otero*1,2, Viviana Carolina Llanos1,2, Marcelo Arlego1,2, Maria Paz Gazzola1,2
1Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas, Argentina
TWG18.PA24 Writing fictional mathematical dialogues as a training and professional advancement tool for pre-service and in-service math teachers
Tikva Ovadiya
Oranim college, Israel
TWG18.PA25 Tensions in the role of mathematics coaches
Annette Rouleau
Simon Fraser University, Canada
TWG18.PA26 How to deal with learning difficulties related to functions - assessing teachers' knowledge and introducing a coaching
Ute Sproesser*1, Markus Vogel1, Tobias Dörfler1, Andreas Eichler2
1University of Education, Germany, 2University, Germany
TWG18.PA27 Math centers: A pedagogical tool for student engagement in intermediate math class
Amanjot Toor*, Joyce Mgombelo
Brock University, Canada
TWG18.PA28 Researching the sustainable impact of professional development programmes
Stefan Zehetmeier
University of Klagenfurt, Austria