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TWG 15 Teaching Mathematics with Technology and Other Resources
Suite 689
TWG leader: Alison Clark-Wilson
TWG15.PA1 Real uses of ICT in classrooms: Tensions and disturbances in the mathematics teacher’s activity
Maha Abboud*, Janine Rogalski
LDAR, France
TWG15.PA3 The development of pre-service teachers' TPACK in the use of digital tools
Nimer Baya'a*1, Wajeeh Daher1,2, Rawan Anabousy1, Ahlam Anabousy1
1Al-Qasemi Academic College of Education, Israel, 2An-Najah National University, Occupied Palestinian Territory
TWG15.PA4 Beyond a positive stance: integrating technology is demanding on teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching
Nicola Bretscher
UCL Institute of Education, UK
TWG15.PA5 Pépite online automated assessment and student learning: the domain of equations for grade 8th
Stéphane Sirejacob1, Françoise Chenevotot-Quentin*2, Brigitte Grugeon-Allys3
1Laboratoire de Didactique André Revuz (LDAR), Université Paris Diderot, France, 2Laboratoire de Didactique André Revuz (LDAR), Université d'Artois, Universités Cergy Pontoise, Paris Diderot, Paris Est Créteil, France, 3Laboratoire de Didactique André Revuz (LDAR), Université Paris Est Créteil, Universités d'Artois, Cergy Pontoise, Paris Diderot, France
TWG15.PA6 Effect of GeoGebra collaborative and iterative professional development on in-service secondary mathematics teachers' practices
Houssam ElKasti*1, Murad Jurdak2
1Lebanese University, Lebanon, 2American University of Beirut, Lebanon
TWG15.PA7 Out- and insourcing, an analysis model for use of instrumented techniques
Niels Grønbæk*1, Claus Larsen2, Henrik Bang2
1University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2Christianshavns Gymnasium, Denmark
TWG15.PA8 Exploring a framework for technology integration in the mathematics classroom
Patrik Gustafsson
Mälardalen University, Sweden
TWG15.PA9 Preparing preservice teachers to use instructional technology:  How much development can happen in one semester?
Janet Herrelko
University of Dayton, USA
TWG15.PA10 Math teachers' adventure of ICT integration: from an open online course towards an online teacher community
Judith Hohenwarter*1, Selay Arkün Kocadere2, Markus Hohenwarter1
1Johannes Kepler University, Austria, 2Hacettepe University, Turkey
TWG15.PA11 "One of the beauties of Autograph is ... that you don't really have to think": Integration of resources in mathematics teaching
Lina Kayali*, Irene Biza
University of East Anglia, UK
TWG15.PA12 Identifying and assessing quality criteria for dynamic mathematics materials on platforms
Barbara Kimeswenger
Private University College of Education of the Diocese of Linz, Austria
TWG15.PA14 Teachers designing e-books to foster creative mathematical thinking: the case of curvature
Angeliki Kolovou1,2, Chronis Kynigos*1,2
1University of Athens, Educational Technology Lab, Greece, 2CTI & Press Diophantus, Greece
TWG15.PA15 Planning geometry lessons with learning platforms
Andreas Lindenskov Tamborg
Metropolitan University College, Denmark
TWG15.PA16 What can we learn about mathematics multiple choice problems from attached supporting examples?
Shai Olsher*, Michal Yerushalmy
University of Haifa, Israel
TWG15.PA17 Analysing MOOCs in terms of teacher collaboration potential and issues: the French experience
Monica Panero*1, Gilles Aldon1, Jana Trgalová2, Luc Trouche1
1University of Lyon, ENS de Lyon-Institut Français de l'Education, S2HEP-EducTice, France, 2University of Lyon, Claude Berdard University of Lyon 1, S2HEP (EA4148), France
TWG15.PA18 Using a flipped classroom approach in the teaching of mathematics: a case study of a pre-service teachers class
Theodosia Prodromou
University of New England, Australia
TWG15.PA19 ‘Walking a graph' - primary school students' experimental session on functions and graphs
Svein Arne Sikko*, Øistein Gjøvik, Jardar Cyvin, Maria I. M. Febri, Ragnhild L. Staberg
NTNU, Norway
TWG15.PA20 Analyzing MOOCs in terms of teacher collaboration potential and issues: the Italian experience
Eugenia Taranto*1, Ferdinando Arzarello1, Ornella Robutti1, Virginia Alberti2, Sara Labasin3, Sara Gaido1
1Department of Mathematics G. Peano, University of Turin, Italy, 2I.I.S. B. Castelli, Italy, 3L.S. P. Gobetti, Italy
TWG15.PA21 Why do in-service teachers and student teachers use MathCityMap and why don't - A short survey on acceptance and user behavior of MathCityMap
Iwan Gurjanow, Matthias Ludwig, Joerg Zender*
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany