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TWG 14 University Mathematics Education
Level 4
Details of subgroups TWG 14A and TWG 14B
TWG14.PO1 The impact of the teacher’s choices on student’s learning: The case of Riemann integral in the first year of preparatory classes
Inen Akrouti*1, Sassi Haddad2
1Virtual University of Tunis, Tunisia, 2University of Carthage, Tunisia
TWG14.PO2 Interactive mathematical maps for de-fragmentation
Anna-Maria Schwarz, Matthias Brandl*, Tobias Kaiser, Andreas Datzmann
University of Passau, Germany
TWG14.PO3 In what ways do lecturers receive and use feedback from large first year mathematics classes?
Anthony Cronin*, Maria Meehan
UCD, Ireland
TWG14.PO4 Measuring gains in algebra knowledge at community colleges: Assessing the efficacy of the Algebra Pre-Calculus Readiness test
Irene Duranczyk*1, April Strom2, Vilma Mesa3, Laura Watkins2, Nidhi Kohli1
1University of Minnesota, USA, 2Maricopa Community Colleges, USA, 3University of Michigan, USA
TWG14.PO5 Reflection on didactical design for action: the case of convergence of sequences and of complex numbers
Fatma Fattoum*1, Raja Tanazefti1, Imène Ghedamsi2
1Virtual University of Tunis, Tunisia, 2University of Tunis, Tunisia
TWG14.PO6 Investigating students' difficulties with differential equations in physics
Diarmaid Hyland*, Paul van Kampen, Brien Nolan
Dublin City University, Ireland
TWG14.PO7 A practical study of a design of university mathematics courses for the humanities and social sciences students
Mitsuru Kawazoe*, Masahiko Okamoto
Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
TWG14.PO8 Connections between approximating irrationals by a sequence of decimals and introducing the notion of convergence
Hichem Khechine*1, Alejandro González-Martín2
1ISEFC, Tunisia, 2Université de Montréal, Canada
TWG14.PO9 Taylor series: from history to teaching
Rahim Kouki*1, Yassine HachÏchi2
1Université de Tunis El Manar, Tunisia, 2Université de Tunis Carthage, Tunisia
TWG14.PO10 The Flipped Learning Model in teaching abstract algebra
Magdalini Lada*, Tore Alexander Forbregd
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
TWG14.PO11 Mathematics and medicine: the socioepistemological roots of variation
Gloria Angélica Moreno Durazo*, Ricardo Cantoral
Center for Research and Advanced Studies of National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico
TWG14.PO12 Developing conceptual knowledge by using ICT on mathematics lessons
Maria Slavickova
Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Slovakia
TWG14.PO13 Heuristic strategies in mathematics teacher education
Peter Stender
University of Hamburg, Germany
TWG14.PO14 Supporting university freshmen - an intervention to increase strategic knowledge
Thomas Stenzel
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
TWG14.PO15 Teaching mathematics to non-mathematicians: the case of media technology undergraduate students
Evangelia Triantafyllou, Olga Timcenko*
Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark
TWG14.PO16 Getting into university: From foundation to first year engineering
Stephanie Treffert-Thomas
Loughborough University, UK