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TWG 13 Early Years Mathematics
Suite 635 / 636
TWG leader: Ingvald Erfjord
TWG13.PA1 Aspects of numbers challenged in toddlers' play and interaction
Camilla Björklund
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
TWG13.PA2 Perception, cognition and measurement of verbal and non-verbal aspects of the cardinal concept in bodily-spatial interaction
Morten Bjørnebye*, Thorsteinn Sigurjonsson, Tor Solbakken
Hedmark University of Applied Sciences, Norway
TWG13.PA3 Kindergarten children’s argumentation in reflection symmetry: The role of semiotic means
Svanhild Breive
University of Agder, Norway
TWG13.PA4 Making numbers: issues in using manipulatives with young children
Sue Gifford*1, Rose Griffiths2, Jenni Back2
1University of Roehampton, UK, 2University of Leicester, UK
TWG13.PA5 Combining historical, foundational, and developmental insights to build children´s first steps in mathematics
Ana María Millán Gasca1, Elena Gil Clemente*2, Ilaria Colella3
1Roma Tre University, Italy, 2Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain, 3Tokalon Formazione, Italy
TWG13.PA6 A kindergarten teacher's revealed knowledge in orchestration of mathematical activities
Per Sigurd Hundeland*, Ingvald Erfjord, Martin Carlsen
University of Agder, Norway
TWG13.PA7 Preschool teachers' variations when implementing a patterning task
Dina Tirosh, Pessia Tsamir, Ruthi Barkai, Esther Levenson*
Tel Aviv University, Israel
TWG13.PA8 Discovering regularities in a geometrical objects environment
Bozena Maj-Tatsis*, Ewa Swoboda
University of Rzeszow, Poland
TWG13.PA9 How do preschool teachers characterize their own mathematics teaching in terms of design and content?
Hanna Palmér*1, Camilla Björklund2
1Linnaeus University, Sweden, 2University of Gothenburg, Sweden
TWG13.PA10 "Two, three and two more equals seven" - Preschoolers' perception and use of structures in sets
Priska Schöner*, Christiane Benz
University of Education, Germany
TWG13.PA11 A framework for designing inquiry based activities for early childhood mathematics
Chrysanthi Skoumpourdi
University of the Aegean, Greece
TWG13.PA12 Young children's aesthetic development in the context of mathematical explanation
Manya Sundström*1, Esther Levensen2
1Umeå University, Sweden, 2Tel Aviv University, Israel
TWG13.PA13 The role of gestures in supporting mathematical communication for students with language delays
Helen Thouless
Independent Consultant, UK
TWG13.PA14 Teaching intervention for developing generalization in early childhood: the case of measurement
Marianna Tzekaki*, Evangelia Papadopouloy
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
TWG13.PA15 Discussing school mathematical narratives in early childhood future teacher education
Yuly Vanegas*1, Joaquin Giménez2, Marjorie Samuel3
1Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain, 2Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, 3Universidad Católica del Maule, Chile