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TWG 12 History in Mathematics Education
Suite 662
TWG leader: Renaud Chorlay
TWG12.PA1 Arithmetical problems in primary school: ideas that circulated in São Paulo/Brazil in the end of the 19th century
Luciane de Fatima Bertini*1, Andreia Fernandes de Souza2
1Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil, 2Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil
TWG12.PA2 Mathematics in the initial pre-service education of primary school teachers in Portugal: analysis of Gabriel Gonçalves proposal for the concept of unit and its application in solving problems with decimals
Rui Candeias1,2
1UIED/FCT/UNL, Portugal, 2Agrupamento de Escolas Terras de Larus, Portugal
TWG12.PA3 Mathematical analysis of informal arguments: A case-study in teacher-training context
Renaud Chorlay1,2
1ESPE de l'académie de Paris, France, 2LDAR - Uni. Paris Diderot, France
TWG12.PA4 Primary source projects in an undergraduate mathematics classroom: A pilot case in a topology course
Kathleen Clark*1, Daniel Otero2, Nicholas Scoville3
1Florida State University, USA, 2Xavier University, USA, 3Ursinus College, USA
TWG12.PA5 A course on the philosophy of mathematics for future teachers
Elizabeth de Freitas
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
TWG12.PA6 Variational strategies on the study of the existence and uniqueness theorem for ordinary differential equations
Rodolfo Fallas Soto*, Ricardo Cantoral
Center of Research and Advances Studies of National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico
TWG12.PA7 Understanding didactical conceptions through their history: a comparison of Brousseau's and Varga's experimentations
Katalin Gosztonyi
Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
TWG12.PA8 Historical methods for drawing anaglyphs in geometry teaching
Ysette Weiss2, Rainer Kaenders*1
1University of Bonn, Germany, 2University of Mainz, Germany
TWG12.PA9 Teaching kinematics using history of mathematics
Alfredo Martínez*, Olimpia Figueras, François Pluvinage
Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico
TWG12.PA10 The concept of infinity - different meanings through the centuries
Regina D. Möller*, Peter Collignon
University of Erfurt, Germany
TWG12.PA11 Analyzing some algebraic mistakes from a XVI century Spanish text and observing their persistence among present 10th grade students
Antonio M. Oller-Marcén*1, Vicente Meavilla2
1Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza, Spain, 2Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
TWG12.PA12 Multiple perspectives on working with original mathematical sources from the Edward Worth Library, Dublin
Maurice OReilly
CASTeL, Dublin City University, Ireland
TWG12.PA13 Inquiry-based teaching approach in mathematics by using the history of mathematics: a case study
Areti Panaoura
Frederick University, Cyprus
TWG12.PA14 Classification and resolution of the descriptive historical fraction problems
Maria T. Sanz*, Bernardo Gómez
Universidad de Valencia, Spain
TWG12.PA15 Mathematics at the Royal Danish Military Academy of 1830
Asger Senbergs
Roskilde Katedralskole, Denmark
TWG12.PA16 Design research with history in mathematics education
Bjørn Smestad
University of Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway