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TWG 17 Theoretical Perspectives and Approaches in Mathematics Education Research
Level 4
TWG17.PO1 Causality and temporalization in the construction of reference systems for the treatment of variation: Socioepistemological study
Mario Caballero-Pérez*, Ricardo Cantoral
Center of Research and Advanced Estudies of the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico
TWG17.PO2 The Mathematical Working Space model: An open and adaptable theoretical framework?
Alain Kuzniak*, Charlotte Derouet, Assia Nechache, Laurent Vivier, Bernard Parzysz
Paris Diderot University, France
TWG17.PO3 Mathematics teachers’ re-sourcing and use of social media: can the ‘prosumer’ concept convey what’s going on?
Yvonne Liljekvist
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Sweden
TWG17.PO4 Mathematical competence at work from different perspectives
Uwe Schallmaier*, Maike Vollstedt
University of Bremen, Germany
TWG17.PO5 Meta-theoretical aspects of the two case studies of networking theoretical perspectives: focusing on the treatments of theoretical terms in different networking strategies
Yusuke Shinno
Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan
TWG17.PO6 Providing successful intervention for mathematics learning difficulties: Developing a model for analysis
Esmeralda Zerafa
University of Malta, Malta