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TWG 4 Geometry
Level 4
TWG4.PO1 The construction and study of the ellipse through Huzita-Hatori axioms: An investigative activity in analytic geometry classes
Bruna Mayara Batista Rodrigues*1, Fabiana Chagas de Andrade2, Thais de Sales Ribeiro1
1University of Lisbon, Portugal, 2CEFET, Brazil
TWG4.PO2 Diagrams in students' proving activity in secondary school geometry
Keith Jones*1, Kotaro Komatsu2,1
1University of Southampton, UK, 2Shinshu University, Japan
TWG4.PO3 QED-Tutrix: creating and expanding a problem database towards personalized problem itineraries for proof learning
Philippe R. Richard*1, Michel Gagnon2, Michele Tessier-Baillargeon1, Nicolas Leduc2
1Université de Montréal, Canada, 2École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
TWG4.PO4 A scale on cognitive configurations for tasks requiring visualization and spatial reasoning
Teresa F. Blanco, Pablo G. Sequeiros*, Cristina Núñez, María Salgado
University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
TWG4.PO5 Children's block-building: How do they express their knowledge of geometrical solids?
Susanne Wöller*, Simone Reinhold
University of Leipzig, Germany