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TWG 10 Diversity and Mathematics Education: Social, Cultural and Political Challenges
Suite 683 / 684
TWG leader: Lisa Björklund Boistrup
TWG10.PA1 Incepted neoliberal dreams in school mathematics and the ‘Chilean experience’
Melissa Andrade-Molina
Aalborg University, Denmark
TWG10.PA2 "It is only a test" - social aspects of displaying knowledge in mathematics for Second Language Learners (SLL)
Anette Bagger
Department of Applied Educational Science, Sweden
TWG10.PA3 Subjective theories of teachers in dealing with heterogeneity
Elisa Bitterlich*, Judith Jung, Marcus Schütte
TU Dresden, Germany
TWG10.PA4 The context of workplaces as part of mathematics education in vocational studies: Institutional norms and (lack of) authenticity
Lisa Björklund Boistrup*1, John Keogh2
1Stockholm University, Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Sweden, 2Institute of Technology Tallaght, Ireland
TWG10.PA5 Teaching practices in a mathematics classroom and their connection to race and racism in the United States
Sabrina Bobsin Salazar
University of Michigan, USA
TWG10.PA6 “I think that practice makes perfect”: Chinese parents' experiences of supporting their children's school mathematics learning in England
Tess Bloomfield, Guida de Abreu*
Oxford Brookes University, UK
TWG10.PA7 Cultural diversity as resource or obstacle for teaching practices in multicultural milieu: an experience of training course for Italian teachers about Chinese Shuxue
Benedetto Di Paola*1, Giovanni Giuseppe Nicosia2
1Università degli Studi Palermo, Italy, 2ISGEm, RSDDM, I.I.S. Aldini Valeriani Sirani, Italy
TWG10.PA8 Exploring Roma learning mathematics: a sociomathematical view
Javier Diez-Palomar
University of Barcelona, Spain
TWG10.PA9 How Sámi teachers’ development of a teaching unit influences their self-determination
Anne Birgitte Fyhn*1, Tamsin Meaney2, Kristine Nystad3, Ylva Jannok Nutti4
1UiT-The Arctic University of Norway, Norway, 2Bergen University College, Norway, 3University of Oslo, Norway, 4Sami university of applied sciences, Norway
TWG10.PA10 Social class and "ability" grouping in mathematics in English secondary schools: a review
Colin Jackson
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
TWG10.PA11 Content-related and social participation in inclusive mathematics education
Judith Jung*, Marcus Schütte
TU Dresden, Germany
TWG10.PA12 The socio-politics of teacher explanation in mathematics education
David Kollosche
Universität Potsdam, Germany
TWG10.PA13 (Wanting to do) Ethical research in a shifting context
Andrea Eikset, Trude Fosse, Troels Lange*, Johan Lie, Magni E. H. Lossius, Tamsin Meaney, Elena Severina
Bergen University College, Norway
TWG10.PA14 Polish parents and mathematics education in Swedish preschools
Dorota Lembrér
Faculty of Education, Bergen University College, Norway
TWG10.PA15 Importance and possibility of integrating gender competence as a key qualification in mathematics teacher education
Anina Mischau*1,2, Katja Eilerts2
1Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, 2Humboldt-Universtität zu Berlin, Germany
TWG10.PA16 The mathematics teacher’s quasi-Darwinism. Problematizing the mathematics education research
Alex Montecino
Aalborg University, Denmark
TWG10.PA17 Towards cultural responsiveness in mathematics education
Swapna Mukhopadhyay*, Brian Greer
Portland State University, USA
TWG10.PA18 Mathematics at the enterprise: Industry, university and school working together to facilitate learning
Hans Kristian Nilsen*, Anne Vegusdal
University of Agder, Norway
TWG10.PA19 "No, it just didn't work": a teacher's reflections on all attainment teaching
Colin Jackson1, Hilary Povey*2
1Sheffield Hallam University, UK, 2Sheffield Hallam University, UK
TWG10.PA20 Diversity in an inclusive mathematics classroom.
Helena Roos
Linnaeus University, Sweden
TWG10.PA21 School mathematics education through the eyes of students in Ghana: Extrinsic and intrinsic valuing
Wee Tiong Seah*1, Ernest Kofi Davis2, Monica E. Carr3
1The University of Melbourne, Australia, 2University of Cape Coast, Ghana, 3The University of Melbourne, Australia
TWG10.PA22 Integrating critical theory and practice in mathematics education: A case study of the Reclaiming Schools movement in the UK
David Swanson*, Laura Black
University of Manchester, UK