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TWG 17 Theoretical Perspectives and Approaches in Mathematics Education Research
Suite 661
TWG leader: Angelika Bikner Ahsbahs
TWG17.PA1 Towards argumentative grammars of design research
Arthur Bakker1,2
1Bremen University, Germany, 2Utrecht University, The Netherlands
TWG17.PA2 The perspective of indexicality: How tool-based actions and gestures contribute to concept-building
Daniela Behrens*, Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs
University of Bremen, Germany
TWG17.PA3 Learning research in a laboratory classroom: Complementarity and commensurability in juxtaposing multiple interpretive accounts
Man Ching Esther Chan*, David Clarke
The University of Melbourne, Australia
TWG17.PA4 Networked theories for a didactical study of mathematics teachers communities
Jean-Philippe Georget*2, Hussein Sabra1
1Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne, France, 2Normandie Univ Unicaen, France
TWG17.PA5 When the theoretical model does not fit our data: A process of adaptation of the Cognitive Demand model
Clara Benedicto, Angel Gutiérrez*, Adela Jaime
Universidad de Valencia, Spain
TWG17.PA6 Analyzing verbal interactions in mathematics classroom: connecting different research fields
Mariam Haspekian*, Eric Roditi
University Paris Descartes, France
TWG17.PA7 When a critical aspect is a conception: Using multiple theories to design dynamic computer environments and tasks to promote secondary students’ discernment of covariation
Heather Johnson*, Evan McClintock, Peter Hornbein, Amber Gardner, Daniel Grieser
University of Colorado Denver, USA
TWG17.PA8 Combining two theories in the design for learning about integrals
Anatoli Kouropatov*1, Tommy Dreyfus2
1Levinsky College of Education, Israel, 2Tel-Aviv University, Israel
TWG17.PA9 On dialectic and dynamic links between the Mathematical Working Space model and practice in the teaching and learning of mathematics
Assia Nechache2, Alain Kuzniak*1
1Paris Diderot University, France, 2Orleans University, France
TWG17.PA10 Grundvorstellungen and their application to the concept of extreme points
Anna-Katharina Roos
University of Würzburg, Germany
TWG17.PA11 Learning through activity: a developing integrated theory of mathematics learning and teaching
Martin Simon
New York University, USA
TWG17.PA12 Abstraction in context and documenting collective activity
Michal Tabach*1, Chris Rasmussen3, Tommy Dreyfus1, Rina Hershkowitz2
1Tel-Aviv Univesity, Israel, 2Weizmann Institute, Israel, 3San Diego State University, USA