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TWG 1 Argumentation and Proof
Suite 679 / 680
TWG leader: Gabriel Stylianides
TWG1.PA1 Meta-knowledge about proof
Nadia Azrou
University Yahia Fares, Algeria
TWG1.PA2 Conceptualizing reasoning-and-proving opportunities in textbook expositions: cases from secondary calculus
Andreas Bergwall
Örebro University, Sweden
TWG1.PA3 Cognitive unity of theorems, theories and related rationalities
Paolo Boero
Genoa University, Italy
TWG1.PA4 Supporting classroom implementation of proof-oriented tasks: lessons from teacher researcher collaboration
Orly Buchbinder
University of New Hampshire, USA
TWG1.PA5 A framework for classifying mathematical justification tasks
Boon Liang Chua
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
TWG1.PA6 An application of Habermas’ rationality to the teacher’s actions: Analysis of argumentation in two classrooms
AnnaMarie Conner
University of Georgia, USA
TWG1.PA7 Pre-service middle school mathematics teachers' interpretation of statements regarding proof by contrapositive
Esra Demiray*1, Mine Isiksal Bostan2
1Hacettepe University, Turkey, 2Middle East Technical University, Turkey
TWG1.PA8 Issues of a quasi-longitudinal study on different types of argumentation in the context of division by zero
Christian Fahse
University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany
TWG1.PA9 The flow of a proof - Establishing a basis of agreement
Mika Gabel*1,2, Tommy Dreyfus1
1Tel Aviv University, Israel, 2Afeka - Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering, Israel
TWG1.PA10 Fostering and investigating students' pathways to formal reasoning: A design research project on structural scaffolding for 9th graders
Kerstin Hein*, Susanne Prediger
TU Dortmund University, Germany
TWG1.PA11 Misconceptions and developmental proof
Kirsti Hemmi*1,2, Erika Julin1, Ray Pörn1
1Ĺbo Akademi University, Finland, 2Uppsala University, Sweden
TWG1.PA12 Proofs and refutations in school mathematics: A task design in dynamic geometry environments
Kotaro Komatsu*1,2, Keith Jones2
1Shinshu University, Japan, 2University of Southampton, UK
TWG1.PA13 Can teacher trainees use inductive arguments during their problem solving activity?
Eszter Kónya*1, Zoltán Kovács1,2
1University of Debrecen, Hungary, 2University of Nyíregyháza, Hungary
TWG1.PA14 Principles towards justification: an episode about equations in grade 7
Joana Mata-Pereira*, Joăo Pedro Ponte
Instituto de Educaçăo, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
TWG1.PA15 A reference for studying the teaching of logic
Zoé Mesnil
Université Paris Est Créteil, Laboratoire de Didactique André Revuz, France
TWG1.PA16 Evolution of proof form in Japanese geometry textbooks
Marion Cousin1, Takeshi Miyakawa*2
1Lyons Institute of East Asian Studies, France, 2Joetsu University of Education, Japan
TWG1.PA17 Revisiting Odysseus' proving journeys to proof: the ‘convergent-bounded' question
Andreas Moutsios-Rentzos*1, Faidra Kalozoumi-Paizi2
1University of the Aegean, Greece, 2Kinder- und Jugendwohnheim Leppermühle, Germany
TWG1.PA18 Play and pre-proving in the primary classroom
Maria Pericleous*, David Pratt
UCL Institute of Education, UK
TWG1.PA19 Primary and secondary students' argumentation competence: a case study
Eugenia Koleza, Nikolaos Metaxas, Klio Poli*
University of Patras, Greece
TWG1.PA20 Mathematical reasoning in the written argumentation of primary students
Silke Ruwisch
Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Germany
TWG1.PA21 An expanded theoretical perspective for proof construction and its teaching
John Selden, Annie Selden*
New Mexico State University, USA
TWG1.PA22 Tool-based argumentation
Kalliopi Siopi*, Eugenia Koleza
University of Patras, Department of Primary Education, Greece
TWG1.PA23 Learning with the logic of inquiry: game-activities inside Dynamic Geometry Environments
Carlotta Soldano*, Ferdinando Arzarello
University of Turin, Italy
TWG1.PA24 Proof-based teaching as a basis for understanding why
David Reid, Estela Vallejo Vargas*
University of Bremen, Germany
TWG1.PA25 Reasoning-and-proving in geometry in school mathematics textbooks in Hong Kong
Kwong-cheong Wong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
TWG1.PA26 An exploratory teaching style in promoting the learning of proof
Xiaoheng Yan*1, John Mason2, Gila Hanna1
1University of Toronto, Canada, 2University of Oxford, UK
TWG1.PA27 Looking for the roots of an argument: textbook, teacher, and student influence on arguments in a traditional Czech classroom
Jana Zalska
Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic